istituto medico-legale
IML is a company specialized in providing legal medical advice in cases of medical liability and road accidents. IML is the ideal partner for lawyers and out-of-court advocates, thanks to a team of twenty-six Legal Doctors, thirty-two Doctors and a Legal Medical Doctor specializing in legal medical advice with the guarantee of the result.

Company information
  • Istituto Medico Legale
    Address:   Roseto Degli Abruzzi (TE) Via Basilicata 12
    VAT:   02071940676
My role
  • IT Service Menager
    Plan, design and manage corporate information technology systems.
    Full-stack developer: corporate software development using Google Firebase and the Api available as backend and developing the interface in React JS.
    Direct and supervise the development team in maintaining and updating IT infrastructures.
Technologies and tools for project development
hosting for software developmentand version control using Git
hosting for softwareand using Git
Backed by Google and loved by app development teamsfrom startups to global enterprises
build backend, frontenddeployment and hosting
open-source, frontend JavaScript library forbuilding user interfaces based on UI components
framework for frontendAPI calls and direct backend connection
collaboration tool that organizesyour projects into boards
Built kanban for development,assigned jobs and managed the team
VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platformenabling React based web applications
communications, callsand team organization